Thursday, April 8, 2010


last night i dreamt that my friends and i had all moved into a big machine kind of like a submarine but it moved over land
we did not control this machine, it didn't have a mind of its own either, there was some will or force of the universe that steered it
we never knew where we were because there were no windows
every once in a while it would stop moving and then we'd know we could get out and see where we were
we had no work to do in this machine, we pretty much just lived, but the living part for some reason was very exhausting and we were almost always tired
so, very often, the machine would stop and we'd know we were in a new place and we had time to get out and explore before moving on but we were too tired to do it
one day when the machine stopped, me and another friend of mine decided we must go out
so we stepped out into a bright sunlit street of what looked like a pretty character-less, industrial town
we were tired but dragged ourselves around because it was sunny and we hadn't seen the sun in so long
there were tall grey buildings, everything was grey and it made us very, very sleepy
we could help it no more and lay down and fell asleep on the street
my last thoughts were of how i hated the machine but wished i was back inside it so i could sleep
it was a scary dream that probably has little to do with this picture except that i suddenly remembered it with startling clarity when i looked at it
isn't that funny how that happens sometimes
almost as if some will of the universe conspires to make you encounter something during your day that will remind you of a dream you had forgotten or suppressed

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