Thursday, April 15, 2010

evolving energies

when i first started this blog, it didn't mean that much to me. i gave it a silly name and randomly started uploading to it whatever pictures i had on my cell phone. but i've started thinking of it a little differently now.

pictures have become important to me because they contain all these unwritten stories and poems and things said and unsaid and about to be said and never to be said. sometimes, it's about what the picture does not show or is trying to show or intended to show but got lost somewhere. what i've been writing around my pictures has been like that too--lost somewhere between the brain and the typing hand.

so the thing is, i want to start being more careful with the stories of these pictures, not just whip 'em out and hit publish like i've been doing. also, over time, i want to treat the pictures differently: maybe as posters, as still-frame films, as comic book panels, as found objects, as picture books for the broken hearted...? i don't know how or when, just putting it out there so i don't forget.

and here is the dilemma of the editor in me: i want to go back to some posts whose pictures i've loved but didn't do justice to with the stories. is that ok? i think it's ok. isn't that the fun part of the digital product, that it gets to be a bit of a shapeshifter?

also, i just bought myself a dslr (which i'm still too scared to use) so maybe there'll be a whole new parallel track on this blog. who knows? i certainly don't. may the energies evolve...!


  1. "i just bought myself a dslr (which i'm still too scared to use)" -- this is the best and funniest thing I read on the entire internet today. Haha!

    Can't wait to see what you create. But... don't be TOO careful!