Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the tragic tale of miss cera vitreous

hollow eyes and spidery limbs, miss cera vitreous was a shadow of her former self
one chance encounter
and then they had taken him away

seventeen long steps away in the living room he now stood,
wondering what had become of her, where she had gone.
his once youthful face now fixed in the scarred grimace of old age,
barely understanding why every time he heard the sound of flowing water, he'd light up a little bit,
and sigh, "cera..."


  1. wooohhoo!hahaahahaha!brilliant,its amazing what this editor can do with words and images!Missing Cera..

  2. I feel like maybe Miss Cera Vitreous should have an adventure on the Tarzan Star. (Which is obv a steamship bound for, I don't know. South Africa?)

  3. well, obviously.
    so on to remixing the remixes :)