Thursday, February 11, 2010

two feet

some very persuasive painting folk at kala ghoda
convinced diti and me to ditch our play watching plan
and paint this tshirt
big white plainness is very intimidating
fortunately a passing happy (but so quiet) kiddo, rudra, was happy to help
so we hitched up our skirts
placed feet on tshirt
(all very unladylike, so of course a bombay times photographer just happened to be around to take pictures)
traced around
and covered them with all the colors and things we love
cats, dogs, apples, stars, lotus flowers, and whatnot
feel free to buy it from the stall on the max mueller pavement
though we'll understand if you don't


  1. everytime i look at this i just love it!
    i do not believe we pulled this off!

  2. i'm just so relieved our picture didn't come in the paper.