Saturday, January 16, 2010


these two women stared and stared at my tattoos
until i told them theirs were better
they don't really think of them as tattoos, i guess
but traditional indian tattoos are the best
greeinsh ink
thick needles
rough, traditional designs
dots, lines, and husbands' names
on foreheads, necks, and inner arms
long before david beckham and whatnot.
and no i don't know why the briefcase.


  1. always always i have wanted a tattoo like that. but it is just not justified, no? i am just not them.

  2. ya exactly!
    but i once saw a girl with an interesting take on gujarati tattoos with pretty dots all over her fingers. nice it was. one day i'll get a justified version like that.

  3. even i. a square with 4 dots on all 4 sides.